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browsing evboard...I tried to sign up for Elevanescence, Elevenescence AND E1evanescence...AND THEY WERE ALL TAKEN...So I got really creative and made "1plus4equalsyou"...

"Spears doesn't rock. She's a mechanical pop robot."
- Amy Lee

"You know those little velour jogger pants and sweat tops? In pink and blue? Those can die." - Amy Lee in response to stupid wardrobe

"Always remember... don't quit sex, have drugs, or do school" - me
*~Teh crazy evanescence fan evboard addict~*

Song I currently cannot stop listening to: Imaginary
MS paint-the next best thing...
I love Ev like a fat kid loves cake.

Going Under-Dungeon Rig
Whispers: 'Hello my last imaginary fool, going under farther away?
Take over me and bring me to life, my immortal haunted tourniquet.'

Proud Founder Of The Green Font Organization
hardly anyone has amy lee quotes...that sucks...hahaha
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